Sunday, September 19, 2010

Endless Summer

I don't want this feeling to ever end
Somethings always last

Back in Hawaii

Before it feels too much like fall, here is my trip back to Hawaii

One of my favorite beaches for some tanning, swimming, and sun.

The complete Hawaiian spread when I got home from the beach.

The feast for two at Lanikai.

Grandma's home cooked meal. Macaroni salad, my favorite fried chicken, musubis, and fried noodles.

The Deadbeats at Jazz Minds. My favorite local band.

Katsu at Bairin-Ginza. This is our go-to place for late night happy hour katsu treats! I've been craving some top notch katsu for months. My fave..yamaimo shiso katsu. Also a must-have at Bairin...shime saba!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Feeling Inspired

Northern Spyfood Co. inspired me to get my ass up at a decent time on Saturday to get to the farmers market.

Even though this katsu curry was nothing like what I can get at home, dis broke da mouth. I appreciate what New York can provide when your homesick.

The Kyoto and New Orleans iced coffee at Blue Bottle inspired me to attend a coffee tasting and sign up for coffee class.

I'm going to San Francisco in October to see them live. The Suburbs is one of the best albums of 2010. I NEED to see them play live at least once in my life.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

NY O-face moments

Making use of the Quad Cam to take pictures of food.

Vegan cupcakes from butter lane. You can chose what flavor cupcake and frosting you want. They frost it right there too! I would say this is the #2 best cupcakes I've had. You know a cupcake shop is good when they have Stumptown coffee brewing:).

Giant beers from a Belguim beer garden in Williamsburg.

Homemade soba and some fancy tempura. WINNAHS

Fish n' Chips from A Salt and Battery. This place will change your life. I think about this almost as much as Halal.

Blueberry muffin soft serve at the Milk Bar
pic taken by Amber

Dessert from Cha-an. Clockwise: Black sesame seed creme brulee, green tea and chocolate mochi (that was wrapped in what I hope is a ti leaf for distinction), zenzai, and green tea cookies. Every one of these desserts were absolutely amazing. There was so much flavor in these tiny treats. Zenzai contained sake ice cream, mochi balls, azuki bean, and matcha. The inside of the chocolate mochi was like a truffle. We will definitely be back again!